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Mlle. LeClair

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Mlle. LeClair


by Vero LeClair
 9/5/2014 9:53 AM
Extra Help 
by Vero LeClair
 9/5/2014 9:52 AM

 Math 9

La Géométrie du Cercle.pdfLa Géométrie du CercleVero LeClair
Symetrie.pdfSymetrieVero LeClair
Unité 5 4-7 Guide.docxUnité 5 4-7 GuideVero LeClair
Unité 5 1-3 Guide.docxUnité 5 1-3 GuideVero LeClair
Math midterm review Jan 2013.docxMath midterm review Jan 2013Vero LeClair
3-6 PDF.pdf3-6 PDFVero LeClair
3-5 PDF.pdf3-5 PDFVero LeClair
Concept Checklist Chapter 3 FR.docxConcept Checklist Chapter 3 FRVero LeClair
Grading Scale.docxGrading ScaleVero LeClair
Reassessment Form FR.docxReassessment Form FRVero LeClair
3-4 PDF.pdf3-4 PDFVero LeClair
3-3 PDF.pdf3-3 PDFVero LeClair
3-2 PDF.pdf3-2 PDFVero LeClair
3-1 PDF.pdf3-1 PDFVero LeClair

 Math 8

Les Mathbots.docxLes MathbotsVero LeClair
Math 8 midterm review Jan 2013.docxMath 8 midterm review Jan 2013Vero LeClair
Projet des Vacances.docxProjet des VacancesVero LeClair


Debate Intro Forms.docxDebate Intro FormsVero LeClair
China Research Package.pdfChina Research PackageVero LeClair
Opposition 2.docxOpposition 2Vero LeClair
Proposition 1.docxProposition 1Vero LeClair
Proposition 2.docxProposition 2Vero LeClair
Opposition 1.docxOpposition 1Vero LeClair


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 Class Favourites

  XKCD's What If?
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