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Ms. McGeachie

 Announcements and Information

by Andrea McGeachie
 5/16/2014 12:50 PM
Be Hopeful Assignment 
by Andrea McGeachie
 5/16/2014 12:48 PM
Writing Workshop and Exams 
by Andrea McGeachie
 5/1/2014 9:04 AM
Writers' Workshop! 
by Andrea McGeachie
 4/4/2014 9:32 AM
Religion 9 Unit Test Monday/Tuesday Attachment
by Andrea McGeachie
 3/27/2014 11:15 AM
(More Announcements...)


There are currently no upcoming events.

 LA 9

Third Week Journal Entry.pptxThird Week Journal EntryAndrea McGeachie
ELA  Allusions.pptxELA AllusionsAndrea McGeachie
ELA Analogies.pptxELA AnalogiesAndrea McGeachie
LA 9 Mid Term Study Guide Notes.docxLA 9 Mid Term Study Guide NotesAndrea McGeachie
Business Letter Format.pdfBusiness Letter FormatAndrea McGeachie
The Essay Review Notes 9.docThe Essay Review Notes 9Andrea McGeachie
ELA 9 Course Outline.docELA 9 Course OutlineAndrea McGeachie
Grade 9 ELA Literary Terms.docxGrade 9 ELA Literary TermsAndrea McGeachie
2012 Essay Scoring Guide.pdf2012 Essay Scoring GuideAndrea McGeachie
Elements of Short Stories Review Notes 9.docxElements of Short Stories Review Notes 9Andrea McGeachie

 Religion 9

REVIEW-2012-2013 REL 9 FINAL.docxREVIEW-2012-2013 REL 9 FINALAndrea McGeachie
Be GENEROUS.pptxBe GENEROUSAndrea McGeachie
Be Just.pptxBe JustAndrea McGeachie
I Hope You Dance.docxI Hope You DanceAndrea McGeachie
Be Hopeful.pptxBe HopefulAndrea McGeachie
Lent Notes and Reflection.pptLent Notes and ReflectionAndrea McGeachie
Be Obedient.pptxBe ObedientAndrea McGeachie
Be Forgiving McG.pptxBe Forgiving McGAndrea McGeachie
Prayer Liturgy Project.docxPrayer Liturgy ProjectAndrea McGeachie
Religion 9 Mid Term Study Guide McG.docxReligion 9 Mid Term Study Guide McGAndrea McGeachie
Faithfulness.pptxFaithfulnessAndrea McGeachie
Song of St Bernadette.docxSong of St BernadetteAndrea McGeachie
Beatitude Writing Assignment.docxBeatitude Writing AssignmentAndrea McGeachie
Beatitudes.pptxBeatitudesAndrea McGeachie
Be Alive- Powerpoint.pptxBe Alive- PowerpointAndrea McGeachie
Parts of the Mass.pptxParts of the MassAndrea McGeachie
New REL 9 NOTES-Units 1-10.docxNew REL 9 NOTES-Units 1-10Andrea McGeachie
Religion Nine Outline.docxReligion Nine OutlineAndrea McGeachie

 LA 8

Language Arts 8 Final Exam Study Worksheet.docxLanguage Arts 8 Final Exam Study WorksheetAndrea McGeachie
Third Week Journal Entry.pptxThird Week Journal EntryAndrea McGeachie
LA 8 Mid Term Study Guide.docxLA 8 Mid Term Study GuideAndrea McGeachie
Business Letter Format.pdfBusiness Letter FormatAndrea McGeachie
Readers Choice Discussion Summary.docxReaders Choice Discussion SummaryAndrea McGeachie
ELA 8 Course Outline.docELA 8 Course OutlineAndrea McGeachie
Grade 8 ELA Literary Terms.docxGrade 8 ELA Literary TermsAndrea McGeachie

 Religion 7

Class Examples for Character Traits.docxClass Examples for Character TraitsAndrea McGeachie
Glory Be and meaning.docxGlory Be and meaningAndrea McGeachie
Apostles Creed and meaning of.docxApostles Creed and meaning ofAndrea McGeachie
Prayer Project McG.docxPrayer Project McGAndrea McGeachie
Prayer Book Project Rubric Master.docxPrayer Book Project Rubric MasterAndrea McGeachie
Lord's Prayer and meaning.docxLord's Prayer and meaningAndrea McGeachie
Hail Mary Prayer and meaning.docxHail Mary Prayer and meaningAndrea McGeachie
Unit I – The Catholic Mass ppt (Use this one).pptxUnit I – The Catholic Mass ppt (Use this one)Andrea McGeachie
Religion 7 Outline.docReligion 7 OutlineAndrea McGeachie
crest info.pdfcrest infoAndrea McGeachie

 Red Fridays

 Things to Check Out!

Canadian Virtual War Memorial 
by Andrea McGeachie
 11/12/2013 11:11 AM
Me to We Website 
by Andrea McGeachie
 11/12/2013 11:09 AM